A Glimpse Into November's Performance

Hair flies in the wind as dancers and musicians  rehearse together for the first time. 

Hair flies in the wind as dancers and musicians  rehearse together for the first time. 

In the drama “Danse Macabre,” written by choreographer/dancer and overall creative soul Hannah Barnard, a Commoner travels across the Passage of Time to capture the Winds of Change, intent on demanding that they turn her village back to the way it once was. Along the way, she discovers an unexpected truth: Fear, not Death, is the true enemy of Life. Punctuated by music, dance, and animation, Hannah concludes the story with a poem so staggeringly beautiful that I didn’t want the world to wait until November to hear it.

The beauty never broke.
It was only the window.

Quivering leaves,
stained glass,
Happy Birthday.

A bag of lavender
Petals in a candle jar,
Jam made from apples and roses.

The aroma of Death
Is the fragrance of Life,
A pungent potpourri of
Beautiful, broken memories.

Like the bone structure of a baby bird,
Will survive the severest of stranglings.


Will burst forth from the density of dark
As a rainbow from the rock.

Artists By Any Other Name captures two themes on the evening of November 1st, 2015: Halloween and Day of the Dead. Halloween proves to be the more approachable of the two–exciting, fun-filled, and playfully frightening. Halloween means parties for both adults and children alike. It invokes images of revelry. Day of the Dead, on the other hand, requires quiet contemplation. It invites us to confront our losses. What, or whom, has each one of us lost to the Winds of Change that we may choose to remember on this day?

Join Artists By Any Other Name on November 1 to “think and feel fearlessly” on the Day of the Dead. Together, we will witness the beauty “burst forth from the density of dark/As a rainbow from the rock.”