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Her Favorite: A Modern Interpretation of an Evening Court Dance

  • South Oxford Space - The Great Room 138 South Oxford Place New York, NY 11217 USA (map)

$15 cash at the door
Online sales close at 12am on April 21

“Her Favorite: A modern interpretation of an evening court dance” is a 50-minute reconstruction of the stately court dances of the 17th and 18th century upper classes. Performed by dancers and string quartet, “Her Favorite” explores symmetry, form, and feminism across time by juxtaposing new music and choreography by female artists, with old compositions and traditions set by male-centered society. “Her Favorite” questions convention and blurs the perimeter of sound and movement, dancer and musician.

New music by Caroline Shaw and Aimée Niemann. Old music by Joseph Haydn. Choreographed by Traci Finch and Nadia Khayrallah, in collaboration with the dancers. Aimée Niemann is the creative director for this production. 

Performers: Traci Finch (dance) * Whitney Janis (dance) * Harmonnia Junus (violin) * Nadia Khayrallah (dance) * Timothy Leonard (cello) * Abby Marchesseault (dance) * Aimée Niemann (violin) * Lauren Newman (dance) * Dillon Rob (dance and violin) * Pedro Vizzarro Vallejos (viola)